2014 Success Story : Eric and Nathalia

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 1.  How did you hear about CFSM?

With a wedding in the near future, our plans included finding a solution to get in better physical shape with one another.  One day while sitting at the train station in San Mateo, we noticed a gym on the other side of the tracks.  Activities at the gym included running, weight lifting, and the flipping of what looked to resemble large tractor tires.  We both agreed this looked like a fun way to get in shape and, shortly after, made an appointment to learn more about the program.

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 2.  How did you meet?

Blind date…….crazy, huh?  A lunch was arranged by a coworker.  We remained friends for about six months before we turned it up a notch and decided to get serious.    The rest is history.

3.  What current things are you working toward when it comes to your health, training, career or personal lives?

Looking back at 2013, we are proud of the milestones we’ve both reached.  We set goals that included weight loss, establishment of a healthy dietary regimen, etc……and we’ve succeeded.  This, however, required significant commitment from us and guidance from CFSM staff.  In the future, we both look forward to setting more specific goals to become faster, stronger and healthier with the support of CFSM and its members.

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4.  Tell us about your most memorable CFSM workout along with your greatest accomplishment thus far.

There have been many memorable workouts we’ve done at CFSM, but the one that stands out the most has to be the first workout we did at our introductory class.  We can’t tell you exactly what we did, but what we remember the most is how sore we were for the few days to follow.  We couldn’t wait to complete our foundation classes so we could experience our first WOD.  It’s amazing how far we have come since then.

Our greatest accomplishment thus far is realizing that Crossfit is more than just a means to lose weight.  When we started, our only goal was to lose those extra pounds before the wedding, but what we soon realized that we were not living a healthy lifestyle.  Our goal changed to striving to become healthy, eating clean, quitting smoking, and staying active.  It’s become a lifestyle change and it feels amazing!

5.  What do you guys like best about CFSM?

What we like best about CFSM is the community.  We’ve met some really great people both staff and members.  Everyone is really friendly and helpful, which is great when you’re new.  It is a tight knit community that is fun to be around, healthy, and promotes success.  Brendon is extremely motivating and supportive, he holds us accountable to meeting our goals.

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