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….and she found a gym to support her in it!

Some individuals just stand out in a crowd. If you’re ever in the gym when Christine is in class, you are sure to notice her. Not only is she very strong, she’s also a fun personality. Whether she’s dancing to the music in the gym or forgetting that she’s actually working out because she’s chatting with her friends about the latest and greatest in life, she brings an awesome vibe to class that is mixed with hard work and fun.

We asked Christine some questions to share her goals and what she’s up to!

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How did you find us?

I wanted to compete in the open last year, although I had never stepped inside a Crossfit Gym! I had been weight training for many years, had learned how to execute the Olympic lifts, and even watched videos of all the advanced gymnastics moves, but hadn’t done crossfit workouts. So, I found a cross-fitter at work and asked her about where she works out and she suggested Crossfit San Mateo for the open. My first crossfit workout ever was 15.1, and, boy were those Toes to Bar tough! After competing in the Open, Coach Brendon shared that I had lots of potential but some technical flaws to work on. We started with personal training to address my weaknesses and eventually I joined the gym.

What is your background in sports?

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I have always been active and competitive! I love to compete. In high school I was a sprinter, ran hurdles, and played on our field hockey team. I went to a Big Ten college so I did not play sports at the collegiate level, but continued to run and weight train consistently. Weight training has been a constant in my life for the past 15 years and keeps me sane and strong.

What are your goals and how has APSC helped you reach them?

I have 2 fitness goals that I am chasing. One is to be a role model to women and to help them find their strength and their space in this world. I hope to inspire others and show them that strong is the new sexy, and strong is also a basis for success in life, relationships, and careers. My second goal is to qualify for Crossfit Regionals, which means I will be one of the top 200 Crossfit athletes in the world for my age group!! I am in progress on each of these goals and APSC is and will be pivotal in my success. I love the group of women that I have found at APSC and we inspire each other! And, my Crossfit progress since joining classes has been swift and continuous with more to come.

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I’m currently supplementing my group classes with personal training with Coach Dallas, who has helped tremendously with my Oly technique as well learning proper positioning on the bar. All of my lifts have skyrocketed. Not only am I getting stronger, but I’m also doing things properly, which ensures safe progression. Coach Dallas and Coach Brendon’s input in technique and practice has been invaluable.


How has being a part of our community helped you outside the gym?

The dedication, focus and commitment it takes to be a crossfit athlete is pervasive. You can’t switch it on at APSC and off when you walk out the door. I find I have more awareness of my impact on others and more ability to bring dedication and commitment to other areas of my life. I have more real conversations. I seek out input from others. I am not afraid to fail and in fact take more risks because I know if I want something bad enough and work for it, I can achieve it.