Dallas Walden


Dallas Walden grew up playing many sports from a young age and on through high school. While playing high school baseball he sought the guidance of a High Level Trainer specializing in Powerlifting. After 2 years in college he felt prior to finishing his education he needed to serve his country. In 2005 he joined the U.S Navy in pursuit of becoming a Navy SEAL. While in the Navy he served 2 tours stationed on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Throughout his preparation to enter the SEAL program he was introduced to many different training methods including CrossFit. During this time he sustained a foot injury that withheld him from continuing the SEAL program. Once out of the Navy he went back to school to play baseball and began using CrossFit as his primary training program. This allowed him to gain the size, strength and power he needed while keeping the agility and athleticism required. During this time he had an opportunity to play in a Pro-Scout Baseball League in Arizona. Shortly after, he was approached with an offer to take his learned and experienced expertise and coach at a baseball training facility here in the bay area, at which time he opened a CrossFit Gym to train baseball players. He owned and operated CrossFit South San Francisco for 4 years. While at CrossFit SSF he trained a variety of fitness levels from beginners to MLB professional and minor league athletes. He has also coached in a corporate setting and knows the primary health and fitness needs of the corporate employee. Not being satisfied with merely coaching, he began competing in local competitions around California. More recently he was invited to compete with a semi-professional fitness league team with hopes of becoming a professional athlete on a Grid League team. Today Dallas is able to draw from his previous experience to train and influence athletes of all levels, with an emphasis on proper gymnastics and barbell movements. Outside of the gym Dallas enjoys spending time with his wife of eight years, Judy and their daughter Georgiana. Some other hobbies include: riding motorcycles, backpacking and trekking, reading and ocean swims. He also volunteers at ‘The Jericho House” in Brisbane, teaching CrossFit to recovering substance abuse and criminal behavior men.

Omar Galindo


Omar has always been active starting at a young age from playing soccer through various club teams to the collegiate level. His fitness continued when he joined the Navy to become a Seabee attached to the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5, The Professionals. At homeport or deployments, you would always find Omar at whatever gym was available; he performed bodybuilding type movements, but constantly questioned his technique and was always curious about the optimal way of moving the body. Having not much knowledge in the strength side of training, Omar felt a plateau in his exercise regimen. In 2008, when helping a friend train for BUDs, Omar found CrossFit. In 2010, he received his CF level 1 certification. He also received his USAW from Cal Strength in 2012. He is currently pursuing his BS in kinesiology from SF State.

Omar has been a personal trainer and group class instructor for the past 5 years and specializes in biomechanics as it is linked to strength and powerlifting. Omar is passionate about teaching and constantly searches for the most optimal way of moving the body, so that PR’s are constantly being achieved safely and effectively.

Judy Walden


From a young age health and fitness has been a hobby and passion for Judy Walden. At age 12 she began training in a Korean martial art called Kuk Sool Won. This became her primary focus outside of school into her 20’s. Once reaching a brown belt level, the road to earning your black belt in Kuk Sool is a long one, testing 8-10 times over the course of 2-3 years. Each test is hours of intense physical labor and metal focus, before a panel of black belt judges. At age 16 she earned her first-degree black belt, became an assistant instructor and started teaching Kuk Sool Won. Doing this she discovered fulfillment while instructing others in something she was passionate about.

Freshman year of college she began working at a Fitness Club and started weight lifting. Working out became a lifestyle; She enjoyed watching the different people come through, observing their transformation as they strived to stay consistent and disciplined. Her interest in weight training and staying fit formed a new avenue to use her desire to teach. The owner and head trainer of the gym allowed Judy to begin shadowing her during training sessions, encouraging her to become a personal trainer. After becoming a certified personal trainer Judy continued to shadow and observe her mentor to broaden her scope of knowledge in the field.

In 2007 Judy married her husband, Dallas, and moved to San Diego where he finished his 4 years enlisted in the U.S. Navy. While in San Diego she continued to pursue a personal training career and starting working at a Women’s Fitness Club and Spa. While there, her primary focus became Ladies Boot Camps. She immediately fell in love with the camaraderie and relationships built while training a group of women, witnessing how a woman’s self image and confidence would catapult after a short time of doing boot camps. Whether they thought it was unlikely to ever do a pushup, run more than a mile, or feel confident in a cocktail dress, each woman reached something that seemed intangible at one time. Since 2007 Judy has continued to enjoy teaching women’s boot camps.

December 31st 2014, Judy and Dallas welcomed their daughter, Georgiana. Having a baby brought a whole new set of challenges when it came to staying in shape and losing weight. From hormones going crazy, lack of sleep, slowed metabolism while breastfeeding to low thyroid, Judy met her own set of obstacles on the journey to get back into her old jeans. She remains eager to pursue her fitness career, continuing to help other women overcome these same challenges!

Deana Pena


When she’s not CrossFitting, you can find Deana salsa dancing, soaking up the sun rays, or coaching others in her transformational life coaching business. She spends much time absorbing information to enable her and her clients to leap into their next level and live their most thriving, authentic lives. Deana catalyzes transformation in her clients by helping them shift their thoughts and, therefore, their emotions. In mastering this, she knows people then master their lives. With the use of daily habits, and practices, a deeper dive into understanding their values and their genuine openness of wanting to live an authentic life, Deana provides the mentoring and support for her clients to embrace, embody, exude and experience who they truly are. In helping her clients focus on their well-being and alignment, she provides a foundation of clarity in which they confidently and naturally attract that which they want in their lives. She has gone from dreading her life, to absolutely loving it, and she would love to help you love yours, too! Reach out to her to learn how you can bust through your barriers and breakthrough to the true You.

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