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Does your current fitness regime challenge you? Have you stagnated in your workouts or lost motivation? Are you having trouble losing those last few pounds? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the answer is CrossFit San Mateo. Please stop in for a free week of classes!

Is that the sun??!! OMG, it is!! I’m so excited that our workout for both classes this evening will be our running WOD we missed earlier this week.

This week the CrossFit Journal published a great article on how the Florida Marlins implemented CrossFit program into their training. Paul Fournier, the head strength coach for the Marlins, talks about how CrossFit played an integral role in preparing his athletes for the demands of the baseball season. Not only did it give his players a higher overall fitness level, it was easily scalable to each athlete and best prepared them for the strenuous season ahead. Each players strength and range of motion also increased, which helped protect them from injuries, among others. Please click on the title below to read the full article. ($20/yr subscription required and well worth it!)

The Marlins Go CrossFit

By Paul Fournier

162 Games, 1 Million Different Challenges
CrossFit’s three fitness standards provide general
physical preparedness for everyday athletes, but they
also prepare professional baseball players for the
demands of their sport.
We can all see how the 10 physical skills apply. In short,
the list comprises everything athletic. In a highly skilled
sport such as baseball, not all are athletes, but the good
players are certainly athletic, and most were multi-sport
athletes prior to being professional baseball players.
Baseball players also utilize all three metabolic pathways,
though a player’s position will affect which energy
system is dominant and when.
The game, of course, is ever-changing and presents
infinite scenarios. Fielders are asked to field balls at
every possible angle and speed. Baserunners are stealing
bases, stretching doubles into triples and avoiding tags,
all of which require the ability to process information
provided by one’s senses and then react athletically to
the stimuli. Starting pitchers must deliver 100 pitches
to the plate with extreme accuracy using explosive
movements. Catchers squat for hours before being asked
to throw out a runner in a split second or block a ball in
the dirt, chase a wild pitch to the backstop, back-up first
on a infield ground ball, and then hit and sprint around
the basepaths.
My role is to improve Florida Marlins baseball players
athletically or enhance performance, but it’s also one of
injury prevention. In some eyes, preventing injuries is
more important because of the business of baseball. It
takes financial decisions to run a team, and every player
who becomes injured is still entitled to his salary even
though he is not productive for the “company”—never
mind the fact that injuries to the more talented players
result in losses of important production that might be
the difference between a seat in the dugout or a seat on
the couch in October. It also costs additional money to
bring someone up from the minor leagues to fill the void
left by that injured player.
If a baseball player is
adequate in all three of
CrossFit’s fitness standards,
he will have a better chance
to be injury-free and perform
to his best ability throughout
the 162-game regular season—
plus playoffs!

Integrating CrossFit Into the Big Leagues
I heard about CrossFit from a respected swim coach in
West Palm Beach, Fla. I checked out CrossFit.com and
immediately became excited about what the program
brought to the table. After jumping into CrossFit at a
local affiliate, I thought the programming was similar to
my own thoughts on interval training and intensity. I was
immediately thinking how to apply CrossFit’s methodology
to what I do for baseball players.
It’s difficult to introduce new movement patterns to
baseball players during spring training. A player’s
training intensity is very individualized as well. Again,
injury prevention is No. 1 on the list of precautions,
and implementing new patterns during spring training
can increase injury frequency—and no one wants that.
Integrating CrossFit into a professional baseball program
becomes tricky, and you need to rely heavily on your
player evaluations.
The real time to introduce new training methods is
during the offseason, before baseball activity is initiated.
The truth is this: no training method must be allowed to
negatively affect on-field performance because of injury,
fatigue or recovery issues. Whether players are trying to
make the Major League team or trying to get ready for
the long season ahead, training methods can’t get in the
way of 100 percent baseball participation. Management
is concerned with two things when it comes to strength
and conditioning programs in professional baseball: is
the player fit and is the player healthy?

-courtesy CrossFit Inc. CrossFit Journal March 01, 2010

(Read the rest here)

Double under work
OH squats/shoulder mobility
Bear crawl straight leg walkouts
Hip stretch

3x 30s of wall pull drill ~ focus on pulling foot off ground w/ hamstring
3x 30m of birdman drill ~focus on shoulders over the hips, committing to the fall

100m repeats every 30s for 8min, rest 4min, go 4min, rest 2min, go 2min, DONE.

Today is a running specific workout. Both endurance and regular classes will perform the same workout!!


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