Former triathlete who’s found his groove again…



Our gym is full of hard workers. One of them in particular is Josh. If he’s not one of the top finishers in a workout in group class, he’s personal training with Coach Dallas to get even better.


Once a high level and successful triathlete, Josh has turned in his days of high mileage when he became a family man. As any father knows, finding time to work out around family obligations and work is tough! Josh came to us wanting to rekindle the competitive spirit while trying to reach his personal fitness goals and honoring his busy family commitments.


How did you find Alpha Project Strength & Conditioning?
I knew Kayla from triathlon and she kept telling me how great the program was at APSC and how much I would love it. Once that seed was planted and I learned more about Brendon and Dallas I got sucked in…hard.

What is your background in sports?
I played soccer up through college and did a year of bodybuilding after that. After college I got into triathlons and retired after Ironman Hawaii in 2012. As a lifelong competitive athlete I knew I needed another athletic challenge and that is how I ended up starting crossfit.


What are your goals and how has APSC helped you reach them?
Now that I’ve started crossfit with APSC my goal is to start competing in crossfit competitions. I’ve only been doing this for about 7 months but have seen incredible changes in strength and mobility.

How has being a part of our community helped you outside the gym?
I have a challenging job and two girls under the age of two. Crossfit (and my wife) keep me balanced and relatively sane.