Jason Friedrichs- Athlete of the month!

By May 8, 2016Success

Jason Friedrichs is a staple part of our 6am classes on MWFr. Lately, he made a conscience effort to focus on his nutrition given the guidelines his coaches set for him. The results have been awesome! In light of his recent success and dedication to his goals, Jason is our featured athlete of the month.

How did you find Alpha Project Strength & Conditioning? I was looking to join a new Crossfit gym after starting to commute to Palo Alto from SF in Jan 2014. The convenient location gave me an opportunity to try it out — and I immediately enjoyed the community.


What is your background in sports/fitness? I’ve done running and some training for most of my life — but never found anything that was as regularly engaging, challenging and fun until I discovered Alpha Project Strength & Conditioning.


What are your goals and how has APSC helped you reach them? I was new to most of the movements when I began Crossfit so wanted to focus on knowing what I was doing. I travel a lot for work and frequently drop in to other boxes around the country. I’ve really enjoyed feeling like I have a great foundation from CFSM. A combination of changing my eating habits and sticking to our workouts has helped me achieve my goals. The coaches not only help motivate me, they also take the time to educate which helped me make better food choices.


How has being a part of our community helped you outside the gym? Our 6 am group is really fun, and it keeps me coming back. It’s been great to be able to really see the payoff — friends and family outside of the gym have noticed the results.