Nice and steady wins the race…

Sanjay row

How did you find Alpha Project Strength & Conditioning?

Like most people in the Bay Area, I got caught up in the rat-race that is work and basically neglected my health and well being for 8 years. That culminated in some health issues that resulted in a trip to the hospital. However, once I was cleared by the doctor to resume normal activities, I realized I needed to make some serious life changes and had to start a regular exercise program. I knew going for a run on a regular basis would not be enough. I needed something that would be all encompassing that would improve my cardio, strength, and flexibility, and CrossFit San Mateo was the one program that addressed all those needs.

Sanjay pushpress

What is your background in sports?

Growing up I played all sports, but tennis and basketball were my favorite. As I got older, I started running to try to stay in shape, and that culminated in running a marathon in my early 30’s.

Sanjay dip

What are your goals and how has APSC helped you reach them?

When I started at APSC, my goals were more general in nature and were to simply get my vital health statistics back into a healthy zone. I accomplished that during my first year of CrossFit. Now that I’m in year 3 with Alpha Project, my goals have become more specific and are focused on increasing my pull-ups, improving my range of motion, and upping my core strength. The coaches at APSC has been a huge help in terms of providing daily motivation and creating exercises that address my needs. After every workout I feel that at least one of my focus areas has been worked on and I’m a step closer to realizing my new goals.

Sanjay deadlift

How has being a part of our community helped you outside the gym?

Outside of the gym, the Alpha Project has helped immensely in terms of improving my disposition after a crazy day at work. Also, I feel that just I’m healthier and happier, and I can concentrate better.

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