Our I am CFSM Challenge Winners!

Every spring we have a our “I AM CFSM” challenge. During this 5 week challenge, athletes learn how to fuel their body properly and how to apply it to their lives. It’s a great way to “detox” from the holiday festivities and get your body in shape for summer while also learning the in’s and out’s of proper nutrition.

The challenge includes:

– 4 weeks of logging nutrition and guidance
– One body weight workouts a week
– Camaraderie and accountability to help you stay on track
– Prizes for the “most improved” male and female

Without a doubt, our winners exemplified hard work and in the end, had the best results to show for it.

Mike Bruno
– lost 21.2 lbs total
– dropped 7.4% body fat

Lorna Galicinao
– lost 11.4lbs
– dropped 2% body fat

A huge congratulations goes out to Mike and Lorna for their hard work and sticking to their goals of living healthier and feeling better. We’re proud of you!

They each take home a $100 gift certificate to A Runners Mind in downtown Burlingame!

Want to know how they did it?

Nutrition consults are our vital to learning the how’s and why’s of nutrition for the individual. Every one is different and no two consults are the same. There are many factors that go into proper nutrition.

Nutrition for performance?

Nutrition for weight loss?

Trying to lean out AND add strength?

If any of the above sounds interesting to you,  email brendon@crossfitsanmateo.com for a free consult.

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