Powerlifting Meet & Barbell Class

By October 4, 2016Blog, Events

“Find Your Strength” powerlifting meet October 8th.

Our second annual powerlifting meet! Fall is the perfect time to focus on strength to carry you into the new year. Our goal is create an exciting atmosphere where everyone PR’s. Last year we did just that AND had an awesome time doing it. Join us again this year and cash in on all those strength gains!

Barbell Class Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm

This is your chance to add a little “extra” into your programming. Looking to focus more on strength i.e. Bench, squat or deadlift? Want cues to help you move better? Our barbell strength specific class will do just that under the tutelage of Coach Omar.

For September programming, focus will be on barbell strength + bodybuilding as we train up for our in house powerlifting meet on October 8th!