Each program meets at the same days and times every week (ex. MWFr 6am). This means you will have the same coach, same schedule, same team every week. Why? Because with consistency and reliability comes RESULTS. Being part of an exclusive training group means your coach will know you- your goals, strengths, your weaknesses, and your excuses. Your coach and class will be your motivation, accountability, encouragement, and your foundation.

Crossfit Group Program

We define CrossFit as it was originally meant to be interpreted; a universal strength and conditioning program designed for health, wellness and performance that is universally scalable to any individual, regardless of background. We don’t perform random workouts. Our Group Program is systematically designed to make you stronger, create better range of motion and build endurance while making you feel better from day to day. We believe that health, performance and results are paramount and our group programming reflects that. If you’re interested in joining an motivating atmosphere while pushing yourself to be your best with other like minded individuals, Group Class may be for you.
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Individualized Program Design

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or require a definite program to address a specific need, individualized program design is an excellent resource for every athlete. Each client goes through a consultation process with their coach to determine his or her goals and values. From there, individuals go through an in-depth assessment process to reveal their strengths, weaknesses and/or address past/current injuries. The coach creates a program that best suites the individual while taking into account all of the above factors.
With coaches oversight, athletes can perform their individualized programs within their group class giving them the camaraderie of the group atmosphere while fulfilling their unique requirements.
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Personal Training

Personal training is an excellent tool for athletes who need 1:1 attention. Whether you are new to fitness, training around an injury, have severe mobility issues or want special attention on a specific lift or skill, personal training gives you the individualized attention you need to hit your goals or return to health safely and properly.
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Nutrition Program

Nutrition is 90% of the equation of living a healthy lifestyle. During our nutrition consultation, we’ll evaluate overall lifestyle while addressing food choices, stress levels and goals. Our nutrition program can be tailored for performance or weight loss, depending on the client’s unique needs.
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