The Alpha Difference is a complete way of life, not just a part. It is a physical and mental lifestyle adjustment for those that choose to commit to their goals.

From the moment you walk in, you’ll realize we’re more than just a gym. It begins with being greeted by a smile, the sight of familiar faces and the feeling of belonging to a team in a high energy environment. You’re surrounded by like-minded individuals who value hard work, comradery, fun and who are interested in lifting each other up just as much as themselves.

But what separates us from other CrossFit gyms isn’t just our personality.

It’s our drive to deliver the best results and experience for our clients and this shows in our values.

In the military we use the terminology crawl, walk, run. It means you learn how to perform a task slowly and with proper technique first before progressing to the next step. Once you have mastered how to crawl, you add a bit more speed and skill until you are executing it perfectly every time.

We take a similar approach to our programming and training. Using this methodology, our model is built to uniquely handle the beginner to the advanced athlete. Among others, we implement the following procedures to ensure maximum success and safety throughout our program:

  • Personal one on one consult to discuss goals, emotional drivers, habits, background, past and/or current injuries
  • A tailored Foundations program for all new clients to ensure proper technique and progressive adaptation
  • Individualized attention within the group model; one size does not fit all
  • Group class size limited to fourteen
  • Periodized programming designed according to your goals, not just random “WODs” thrown on the whiteboard.

All of the above give each client an opportunity for long term athletic growth and health.

Add to this 100% dedicated fitness professionals who value the opportunity to lead and inspire others to be their best in life, inside and outside the gym, and you have a winning recipe.

We as coaches find ourselves in the unique position of changing people’s lives for the better and we love having this opportunity. It is our duty to lead, mentor and motivate each athlete along their fitness journey. Schedule a consult with us today and find out for yourself what the “Alpha Difference” is.