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jaime jmp

What’s your sport and background?

Soccer, running, volleyball in high school and then recreationally in my 20’s…then mostly running in my 30’s


How did you find our gym and why?

I used to be a runner and a health club member. I’d take classes and play around with weight machines. I was always pretty lean from running but never gained much muscle working out on my own. When I was living in Chicago, I walked by a Crossfit box on my way home from work one day and I saw a bunch of people working really hard and sweating together and it just drew me in. My intuition told me that the environment was a far better fit than my very nice but boring and lonely gym. I joined the box in Chicago and was there for two years until I moved to California. I joined Crossfit San Mateo immediately – I didn’t want any break from Crossfit. Over the years I’ve heard negative comments/perceptions about Crossfit and it’s clear to me that it’s just like any other sport or training program – aside from the effort that you personally are willing to put in, the next big factor is the quality of coaching. Crossfit San Mateo had good Yelp reviews and after a couple of days with the coaches, I knew they were all quality.


What were some immediate improvements you found working with us?

The level of personal attention and coaching on technical skills is exceptional at Crossfit San Mateo. In Crossfit, technique makes all the difference and can lead to significant improvement. It’s always been my personality to “muscle” through something but you hit a limit pretty quickly trying to do that. The other key to improvement is mindset. I never used to document my lifts. And I just never had confidence that I was going to be someone that could lift heavy weight. I was sitting at a 135 back squat for ages. It just didn’t really occur to me that I could make a big jump from there. Then at some point, the coaches started suggesting that I could do more. And sometimes that’s all it takes…someone in a position of authority to tell you that you can. And I started documenting my lifts so that I had benchmarks and that made all the difference. When you decide you want to do something and then you get coached on the right techniques, the sky is the limit. My back squat is currently a 185 (and going up!) My dead lift was also around 135 and is now a 200. I could only do a few strict pull-ups at a time. Now I can do 12.


What do you still need work on?

Handstand pushups! Muscle Ups! Rowing!


How has our program and the Alpha Project benefited you?

I am 39 and I feel stronger and healthier than ever.

For me, the coaching AND the community have played a huge part in helping me advance as a Crossfit athlete. Being a part of a “cohort” that goes to class together the same days/times every week creates an accountability factor, but also makes working out FUN. Something you simply do not get at regular gyms.


Would you recommend us?

Yes. I highly recommend Crossfit in general and specifically, the Alpha Project for the coaches and the community. While I have found it fun to push myself on lifting heavier weights, there is a Crossfit approach for any person or athlete. The Alpha Project makes the workouts YOUR workouts. The coaches know your personal goals and coach accordingly, and there is more than likely someone in the class that has similar goals.

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