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When you first meet Mike B., he comes across as the strong silent type. He’s a big guy who has a big beard and tattoos that can come across as intimidating at first. But, once you get to talking to him a bit more, you’ll realize he’s just a big teddy bear in disguise.

Mikey has participated in all our of our nutrition challenges in the last year and has lost up to 15lbs while educating himself on good nutrition.

Read a little bit more about member Mikey below!

How did you find Alpha Project Strength & Conditioning?

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I was a transplant from Dallas’ gym in SSF. I followed him over to APSC because I like his training style. I gave the new location a trial run because I wasn’t sure I would want to make the commute 3x times a week. But, after a few weeks I decided to stay with the program because I like the coaches and the programming. When you find a program you enjoy, the little hardships like commuting, and time management don’t really matter at the end of the day.

What is your background in sports?

I have been playing hockey off and on for more than half of my life. I now only play once a week on a recreational league. I never really took to other sports. I gave various martial arts a try when I was younger, but it didn’t stick. I play as a defenseman in hockey, and as a result I tend to get hurt … a lot. APSC has been really good about working around whatever random, stupid injury I have that week. I have found that since starting Crossfit in general, my aerobic capacity has improved (which says a lot because cardio and me do not get along well ), and my strength continues to grow.

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What are your goals and how has APSC helped you reach them?

My goals are to lose my excess weight ( Which has always been an issue with me since I was a kid ), increase my strength and functionality, and also pack on some muscle.
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Have I REACHED these goals? Not completely, no. I am still a work in progress, but have been making progress. I have been steadily reaching new PR’s and getting better at my mechanics. I have been learning a lot about my nutrition from Dallas and Brendon, and am discovering more about how MY body responds to different diet tweaks. That is still my hardest hurdle, and loftiest goal. I am confident I will get there.

How has being a part of our community helped you outside the gym?

I would say absolutely, and in more than one way. Socially, it has been great. I get to meet and socialize with so many different individuals, and so far everyone has been really friendly helpful. I haven’t met one asshole yet at APSC! I think it is a little harder to make friends as an adult, and coming here has been a great way to keep me from being a hermit. The people are great and keep me sociable.

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This place has also helped me with my work as an embalmer. I know that sounds weird, so let me briefly explain. A casket with someone inside can weigh anywhere from 200 – 500 pounds or more. These are lifted by hand, by only two people. Also, working at a mortuary means that oftentimes I must go to someones residence to remove the deceased. This entails lifting an unbalanced load and maneuvering it up high, down low, and around various corners and angles, and almost always up and down stairs. Certain movements come into play here : The deadlift ( pun not intended ), the power clean and press, high pull, and squatting. Having to practice these movements on a regular basis in the gym has helped me to better perform these movements in real life scenarios, and reduced my chances of on the job injury.